Make Donations

Dear Brethren,
There are innumerable human beings in need of our help and mercy.  They have nothing to look forward to and have lost all hope and faith.  It is our bounden duty to bring some relief to these people living in suffering.  Please do join us to visit these people and to volunteer whatever we can, however small; time, effort or money to bring at least a glimmer of hope and joy to the needy.
Cheques may please be made out in favor of "GOOD DEEDS" payable at Delhi.

Online Funds Transfer
You may also directly transfer your donations and contributions online to our account through NEFT or RTGS.
Current Account: 0410073000000536
IFSC Code : SIBL0000410
The South Indian Bank,
Patparganj Branch,
India - 110 092 
Note: Please do ensure after online transfer that you email us at with the details of the transaction to enable us to maintain correct records.


We will acknowledge your contribution as soon as we receive it.  Once we have all the details, we will mail you a receipt at your given address.